Italian Electronica Duo Aucan Share 5 Favorite Fashion Designers

The border between art and design is boundless. Fans and audiences expect more from the artist than just their specialized craft. Ergo, its not just about music-there’s way too much of that, anyway – it’s about building something around it and that’s where the challenge lies.

Italian noise / electronica duo AUCAN are one burgeoning example of this trend who are doing it right. Their recently released ‘EP 1’ project on Ultra Music is a manic modern-day approach to rave music, an infectious, meticulously produced four-tracker of unrelenting techno noise distortion influenced with hip-hop progressions and synchronized to trippy cinematic visuals during their DJ performances.

But there is more, way more beyond the booth. AUCAN have built a movement that extends towards their passions for film, fashion, and design – AUCANISM. It’s thematically rebellious, mysterious, and unnerving and is a perfect base to promote their thuggish Jedi meets The Grim Reaper artist personas and connect with like-minded audiences. The duo’s originality behind their clothing line concepts got VIBE curious, so we rang them up to ask about their favorite fashion designers who have inspired their project, after the jump.

1. Christopher Raeburn
“Clean and sober with essential lines but strongly built and made of premium quality, searched out materials. Like our club productions, less is more.” Check it here.

2.Christopher Kane
“His simple, geometric graphic pattern leads the minimal B&W collections, offering classic yet subtly daring designs. His graphic work on textile is somehow related to our earlier Raro designs.” Check it here.

3. Berthold
“His experimental commixture of fashion, design and art elements defines a precise aesthetic. His body of work tends to underly contradictions between different fabrics, colors and graphics.” Check it here.

4. Fear Of God
“Jerry Lorenzo just released his 2nd collection “Brothers keeper”. In those shaved heads, drop crotch shorts, kilts and religious elements we see a lot of our imaginary, which combines elements of the street culture with a more sophisticated, out of time touch.” Check it here.

5.Aucan X Bulk
“We’ve recently designed a special capsule collection for the Italian fashion brand “Bulk”. Each piece is inspired in a different way by our own obscure imagery. Check out our website for updates about the release date.