Kanye West Must Really Hate Zip-Lining


There are plenty of reasons why Kanye West should be happy right now: he has a smokin’ hot million dollar-making MILF for a wife, named Kim Kardashian, an adorable baby girl named North; an adidas deal, a new album in the works and his Parisian wedding next month. And yet, Sad Kanye continues to be the life of the party.

Thanks to Alex Yenni. who submitted the above photo on browncardigan.com, c/o Imgur, a never-before-seen photo of ‘Ye looking miserable as hell during a zip-lining trip with Kim has surfaced. “Found it in a random zip-lining office in the middle of Mexico. They took it, and I don’t think it’s ever been online…,” the caption read.

While Kim looks selfie-ready, ‘Ye is in the background, pouting like a tantrum-throwing toddler who doesn’t want to be at the family shindig. Come to think of it, this could have been a taped Kardashian segment that he wanted no parts of or he has a secret fear of heights.

Either way, we must admit that Eeyore Kanye puts a smile on our face.