Kanye West Talks Wedding Excitement, Kim Being His Muse & Possible New Album


It’s only a matter of days before Kanye West officially becomes Mr. Kardashian. While soaking up his last days as a free man in his favorite Italian city, Florence, he spoke to La Nazione in an exclusive interview, discussing where he thinks his daughter North was conceived, how his wife-to-be is his muse and his next(?) album. Here are some translated excerpts from the interview below:

On his love for Florence:
“I love Florence, I love Italy and the Italian lifestyle. In truth they are already in the banks of the Arno. I came last year with Kim, the two of us alone, incognito. And I think we conceived our daughter North here, among the masterpieces of the Renaissance. It was our first honeymoon. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for me the most beautiful in Europe.”

On his excitement for the wedding:
“Pretty excited. But very happy. I’m a romantic. I gave Kim a wall of flowers on Mother’s Day. The family is everything to me. It is the antidote to the pressure of fame. The family and the creativity relax me. And I like to create for my family.”

On Kim being his muse:
“I consult [Kim] on elegance and what I wear. And she does the same for me. Today, as a musician, I like to dress in a less showy way than in the past.”

On next musical venture:
“I’m composing an album, Made in Florence.”