Katy Perry Hails Beyoncé ‘Biggest Pop Star In The World’

Even the leader of the Katycats is part of the Beyhive. Katy Perry went on record to proclaim her love for Beyoncé, correcting Time Out London magazine, when asked how she feels about being the pop music queen, nabbing number one hits since her appearance on the music scene in 2008.

“It kind of embarrasses me because I don’t feel that way. I have pinch-me moments, sure, but Beyoncé is the biggest pop star in the world so don’t be blasphemous,” she said.

Perry continued, “I hope [I’m an empathetic pop star]. I work really hard; I work myself into this state. But Beyoncé’s an icon and bionic, almost. I bet she doesn’t get sick ever!”

While the “Dark Horse” singer saluted Queen Bey, she thinks her fans gravitate to her down-to-earth realness. “My relatability, I think,” she said, when asked about her strengths as a pop star. “That and my openness to vulnerability. And just the general good-time fun. And, possibly – not to keep going on – the kind of inspirational zest you can get from the songs.”