Vixen Vent: Why I Don’t Care About KimYe

kanye west-kim kardashian

As a lover of all things hip hop, it’s annoying to go to my favorite music sites and find they all seem to have been hijacked by KimYe. Instead of seeing headlines about music from Yeezus, there’s the latest tea about their potential wedding in Versailles. It’s a consistent irritation, even while I watch the tube. Why can’t I enjoy hot topics on The Wendy Williams Show without hearing about Kim and Kanye’s latest outing? Yes, Kanye is important because he is one of the most gifted musicians of our time, but what is she? An attention-hungry broad who leaks a sextape and scores a reality show for herself and talent-less family?

Okay, okay, they do dress well. Kanye has an eye for fashion and it seems to have rubbed off on his bride-to-be. Then there’s Yeezy’s rants for his Persian princess to get respect she “deserves.” Yeah, right. His quest for her to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame went unanswered because she is indeed, not a star. Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour may not admit it, but we all know that Ye whined and stomped until she gave in and gave Kim K an undeserved Vogue cover. His opinion about her significance may be not honored, but I will admit, the way he goes hard for his boo is kind of cute.

That being said, why is KimYe so important? Are they making any truly charitable efforts? No. Do they collaborate to make great music, movies, or anything worth watching or paying attention to? No. (Do you like the “Bound” video?) Kanye should be recognized for his musical genius (and epic rants), not for who he has draped on his arm. Until they collaborate on a project that is worthy of attention and accolade, their relationship (and wedding) simply aren’t newsworthy. While they are globetrotting glamorously, we will be at home, uninvited to the “uber” union. How about we pay attention to people doing great things? Like the eighth grader who just became a published author? Or, if you insist on following pop culture, let’s talk about this Michael Jackson hologram that we saw at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (May 18) and what it means for the future of concerts. There are more than a couple super things to celebrate other than a super couple’s impending nuptials.