Kobe Bryant Talks Meeting Donald Sterling, Clippers And More On Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Kobe Bryant appeared on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the special guest. Wasting little time, the late night host fired away with the questions about Donald Sterling and whether or not Kobe was eligible to buy the Clippers.

“At the time, the biggest concern was, was he willing to spend to have a successful team?” Bryant said about the first time he met Sterling.. “He said during the meeting that he is willing to make that commitment to bring another championship team to Los Angeles. He has done it, he has spent the money to keep Blake (Griffin) and DeAndre (Jordan) and CP (Chris Paul) and those guys.”

Bryant also reiterated the fact the many Clippers players are his personal friends.

“Most of them are friends are mine,” he said. “Chris is a good friend and I made sure I sent him a message during this whole fiasco. I watch and hope the guys I know do well.”