Lil’ Wayne Talks Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather & ‘Tha Carter V’


Lil’ Wayne recently sat down with ESPN Magazine for an interview on sports, music and how they relate to one another. Discussing his friendships with Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather – who both teased tidbits on his upcoming Carter V album – Wayne also talked his favorite teams and players.

“When we met, I told Kobe I’m a huge fan and he told me he’s a huge fan, which was a total shock,” he said. “He also said he likes the things I say about him in music. I think I put a song out for him — I don’t know, I’ve done so much music.”

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Wayne also spoke about how he got Kobe to tweet his album cover out last month, saying it was just a friend helping a friend. He said the same of Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram video of his studio session with Drake.

“I have his number, so I had my homey hit him up: Can you put this video of Drake out, as a little tease? He did [on April 30], And it worked,” Wayne explained. “That s— was crazy. I told him I appreciate him. He said he’s down for whatever else. That’s Floyd — down for whatever.”

Lil’ Wayne also quickly touched on the Donald Sterling controversy, saying, “I have no thoughts about a man who doesn’t, or can’t, think.” But more importantly, he talked about what is to come on Carter V, an album he said he has matured on.

“My thoughts are wiser. I still say what I want to say — it just sounds better and makes more sense. That all comes with growth and maturity,” he said.

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