MCM: Vixen-Inspired Chris Brown Playlist [Listen]


Chris Brown

Chris Brown is turning the big 2-5 the most memorable way—in jail.

As he awaits the legal outcome of last year’s photobomb incident, the Grammy Award winner hasn’t been idly wasting away. With plenty of hours to reflect on his ill choices, Karrueche’s ex focused on his music, making more consistent hits locked away than he had over the past two years. That’s why we still root for the bad boy amid his negative press, because he’s constantly honing his talent and not relying solely on his devilish good looks and impressive ability to dodge authority (until lately).

His quarter-century celebration lands on Cinco De Mayo, so as we take shots for him in his absence, we also highlight his good looks for our #MCM. If you’re going through withdrawals from spotting him out and about, flip the page to check out more pics of our #MCM then listen to the Vixen playlist he inspired.