#MondayMix: 10 Dance Music Releases To Kick Off The Week


Kick off the week with these 10 dance music releases from the past week, curated by DJ, producer and vocalist Lea Luna.

1. Domenico Rovito & Thomas Nolan- “Hustler’s Corner”
It’s a pleasant surprise to see that MC Flipside has taken on a new alias. Now going back to house roots as “Domenico Rovito,” he is coming out strong, showing dancey tones of disco and tech house on this total jam with Thomas Nolan called “Hustler’s Corner,” which is a very appropriate name for it.

2. TJR & Vinai- “Bounce Generation”
“Bounce Generation” seems to be every festival-goer’s favorite after watching the major support it has been getting at spring massives and super-clubs alike. The sound is a massive party, produced by TRJ & Vinai, the heavy-hitters of the Melbourne bounce sound.

3. Claude Vonstroke- “Sugar and Cinnamon” feat. Barry Drift (Justin Jay remix)
What a sweet, spicy track this is. Dirtybird never disappoints. Justin Jay’s hot remix is a perfect presentation of the funk in Barry Drift’s vocal. This one is the kind that gets stuck in your head.

4. Planet of Sound- “We Are Together”
“We Are Together” is a beautiful song you could listen to anywhere. The guitar is uplifting, catchy. This is a song that is perfect for making friends, as the video subtly suggests.

5. Eats Everything- “Adam”
This is proper underground. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the 20th birthday of 2020 Vision Recordings. “Adam” is has a great thickness for serious sound systems or headphones, that creates a journey through expert sound design, stereo imaging, and mastering. Deep techno at it’s finest.

6. Bassnectar- “Now” feat. Rye Rye
A new 2014 summer banger is up for grabs FREE from one of the most crowd-drawing bass music aficionados out there. Bass leader, Bassnectar and Baltimore’s lyrical-stunner Rye Rye put lots of bounce in this trackā€¦ like “What’s up now?!”

7. Eliminate- “Gravity”
“Gravity” is the name of Eliminate’s three-track EP as well as the name of the first song, which has a descending sound that, like trap music, will make you feel high.

8. JES, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd- “Runaway”
Multi-hit songstress JES is back with another killer track that is perfect for summer of 2014 with her signature anthem-appropriate vocals on top of a gorgeous trance tune made to perfection with respected German producers Cold Blue (a.k.a. Tobias Schuh) and Dennis Sheperd. Time to get blissed-out.

9. Spanish Gold- “Out on the Street” (Les Professionels edit)
Les Professionels describe their flavor of music to be “Moon Music,” “Acid Western,” and “Post-Disco Sleaze” which leaves a lot of room for confusion or clarity, depending on where your head is at. This one is recommended for pool-lounging with an umbrella drink.

10. Kings of Class- “Stomper”
It’s hard to choose the best song on the new EP “Mixed Bag of Budz” from Hatrax Records, the whole thing is amazing (including the cat artwork as usual, by the way). Halfway through this awesome EP, you hear “Stomper” from Kings of Class come in with a sick chunky distorted bassline that would get any crowd amped. Must have.