New Music: Ariana Grande ‘Boyfriend Material’


Ariana Grande has released a song to thank her fans for their “love, support and dedication,” and as you can probably guess, it’s a gem. “Boyfriend Material” is a song of hers that’s been floating around for a while but never made it onto Yours Truly. As Ariana explains, she recorded the track when she was “like 17″ and after it was left off her debut, she knew she’d have to release it for fans at some point.

The song is a bubbly, modern take on doo-wop — in other words, it’s right in Grande’s wheelhouse — with a bassline reminiscent of Amy Winehouse‘s “Rehab,” and serves as a nice doe-eyed, lovey-dovey counterpoint to the sassy “Problem.” If this is what an Ariana outtake sounds like, then her competition needs to start worrying.

Even better: Ariana said she’ll release more “oldies” ahead of her next album. Below, hear the song and see her full note to fans.

a little surprise for my loves as a thank you for all of your constant love, support and dedication. i know how much y’all love this song and how disappointed you were when it didn’t make it on to my first album so i knew i had to get it to you somehow someday. this song means a lot to me and holds such a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs i did when i started working on ‘yours truly’ when i was like 17 ….. don’t worry… you’ll get more of these oldies too as time goes on! I’m working on it for you. love you all so much. you are everything. love you.”