New Video: Casanova Kris Lives ‘The Sweet Life’

Casanova Kris a.k.a Kristian Emborieme Fitz has been in the news recently, but not for his music. According to several news stories by publications including the Dallas Observer and the Dallas Morning News, in 2012 Casanova was under investigation for distributing marijuana, and money laundering. Soon after, his houses in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA were raided and assets were seized among them being an estimated $118,000, several cars including a Bentley and jewelry. The Dallas Observer reported Casanova was indicted for possession of more than five pounds of marijuana, he has not been charged with any federal crimes.

While the current situation does look grim for Casanova, he continues to with his dream of music by focusing on it and his record label Debonaire Bros. He plans on dropping his first mixtape titled November 28th, which he says was the day that changed his entire life. The project is expected to drop in July. He says about the label

“I started the label in 2005 and only began to take it serious after the federal raid. It is ran totally by me. I want Debonaire Bros to be the smooth new Suave House. I’m working on signing a younger group called The Money Boys from Dallas. I don’t want a lengthy roster, I just want a diversified group of new raw talent with acts that appeal to the US and the UK as well.”

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