Nicki Minaj: Drake Has Sent ‘Two Joints Already’ For ‘The Pink Print’


Nicki Minaj had a chat with Ryan Seacrest this week following the release of her “Pills N Potions” single. After a quick quip about a romantic evening with newly pink-wigged Rihanna, Nicki got into the meaning of the pop-meets-rap single.

“I feel like it’s kind of like a tragic love story,” she said. “And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be like a boy and girl relationship. I just kind of feel like while I was working on the album I started realizing how much I’ve changed, and how people change. And how people come in and out of your life, and I just felt like talking about that. I had never really discussed that. I’ve just been reflecting, and that’s what the song is about. I love that it has the [last] feeling of no matter what, I still love. There’s still love there. And that’s pretty much what the song means to me.”

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Seacrest also inquired about a certain co-YMBCB artist collaborating with Nicki on her upcoming The Pink Print album: Drake. While answering that nothing was set in stone, Ms. Minaj did reveal that Drizzy has thrown his hat in the ring.

“You know what? So far he’s sent me two joints already for the album,” Nicki told Seacrest. “And we’re still discussing them and still making some changes, but I don’t have an official Drake song yet. So, I can’t say that Drake will be on my album because I never want to just say stuff until it’s official.”

As for a release date on that album? Nicki says it’s coming, just wait on it.

“I don’t want them to think about the release date. I want them thinking about the music.”

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s interview with Ryan Seacrest below: