Perez Hilton Twitter Beefs With K.Michelle To Defend Iggy Azalea


If your day after Memorial Day was a little dry, here’s some digital drama to add some spice to your afternoon. K. Michelle and Perez Hilton—both known to not hold their tongues—went at it on Twitter over another entertainment figurehead: Iggy Azalea. Perez wanted to make sure K.Michelle knew that he was 100% #TeamIggy. It all started with a state-of-the-music-industry tweet from K.Michelle.

Perez, assuming that she was referring to Iggy Azalea’s accent, jumped in to her defense. K.Michelle quickly clapped back at him for calling her jealous of Iggy’s success.

That opened up the floodgates, and K continued to fire off with no filter. Take a look a the back and forth:

Welp. As of now, Iggy Azalea has yet to respond to the situation. We wonder what Azealia Banks thinks about Perez’s argument… Photo Credit: Getty Images