This Is The Perfect Apparel For The Hip Hop, Hashtag And Horoscope Obsessed

Face it, you’ve used #IWokeUpLikeThis or #Trophies under a photo before. You know which celeb shares your Zodiac sign and within the last two weeks, you’ve bookended a serious inquiry with “or nah?”

As children of the viral digital age, it’s hard not to succumb to all the trends and trendsetters swirling around 24/7. No need to feel ashamed of it. Thanks to the apparel company Private Party, it’s easy to embrace your pop culture obsession with their sleek line of hashtag-ready sweatshirts and shirts.

From the hip hop elite’s star signs to Meek Mill’s inability to whisper to pooch attire, they’ve got you covered. Flip through to see some of Private Party’s hilarious inventory or shop here.

Photo Credits: Private Party