Premiere: Anja Schneider “Dubmission”


Anja Schneider summons bewitching club magic in her forthcoming Mobilee ‘Dubmission’ EP (May 30).

Named for the weekly E-Werks nightclub party, Schneider evokes the spirits of bubbling techno warehouses in Berlin to Chicago’s homestead house flavors and beyond, for an offering tailor-made for dancing atop terraces come sunrise this summer.

The title track, inspired by early days raving to Kid Paul in Berlin back in the 1990s, sets the mood for a lush, languid dancefloor filled with heat and mysticism, giving listeners the sense that anything can happen. As for the flipsides “Can You Feel It” and “Revolution,” Anja Schneider proves that anything will happen if you submit to the sounds.

Listen to the premiere first on VIBE.