Premiere: Tim Green “Helpless Sun” Feat. Hayley Hutchinson


British producer, DJ, Disc Over label head and tastemaker of the underground, Tim Green rounds out his headlining tour, which took place over the last two months and spanned across the United States, Europe and the Middle East, with a forward-thinking techno and house debut on Canada’s My Favorite Robot Imprint. Having previously released on all the label who are epitomize the upper echelons in coolness such as Cocoon, Get Physical and dirtybird, the ‘Helpless Sun’ EP, featuring songbird Hayley Hutchinson, is illuminating as Green highlights the more intricate side of ambient house music. The package boasts two glittering originals, along with two remixes from Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson.

The lead track is filled with buoyancy and evokes a motion-filled groove that dance music should always strive to evoke. With opening guitar chords setting the tone in one direction, the atmosphere transitions acutely into something completely different and does so with ease. When chopped beats, bigger basslines and harmonious rhythms build into the aural equation the result is blissful dance music.

VIBE has the premiere of the tune, which will easily be this summer’s repeat offender on dance floors across the globe. Listen to it, below…

Own the ‘Helpless Sun’ EP via Beatport.