Random Rundown: New Pop Artist Grace Valerie


grace valerie

What is an un-googleable fact about you?
I love to watch a lot of TV shows. I don’t ever talk about it, but when I have free time I love to stay at home. Sometimes I sit on my couch and watch TV shows and movies. That’s like my favorite thing to do. My favorite television show is Scandal—I love it. My favorite movies as of right now are The Great Gatsby and Side Effects.

Who is your biggest inspiration in music?
My biggest inspiration is Beyoncé. I love her music, I love the way she dances, and I love the clothes she wears. She definitely inspires me a lot and I follow her on a daily basis. I’ve learned a lot from her as an artist.

What is your favorite work that you’ve done as an artist?
My favorite work of my own was shooting the music video for the song “When the Lights Go Down.” It was very fun. A lot of great dancers came out and I had a lot of amazing clothes. There were just good people hanging out. My friends in L.A came out, my brother flew from Russia and it was just a lot of fun. I also want to say another one of my favorite things I’ve done was visiting a school. I really loved talking to the kids, playing with them, reading with them and dancing with them. It’s just so cool that you can talk to them and they’ll listen to you and look up to you. It makes them think about their own future and what they want to do or who they want to be. It was a great time.