Random Rundown: New Pop Artist Grace Valerie


grace valerie

What was the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
When I started working with Randy Jackson, he always supported me and he would always tell me that I should not be afraid of who I am. He always told me to go for it. I think that that really pushes me everyday. To hear such great words from such a great man and such a talented producer as Randy Jackson, it means a lot.

What was your first fan moment like?
I had a show in Chicago at a local gay cub and the fan drove from another state to see me. He was tweeting and Facebook-ing me about my show saying that he was there and how excited he was. I saw him in the front row singing my songs and after the show he came up to me and we chatted and took pictures. He told me that “When The Lights Go Down” was his favorite show and it was really sweet. I think I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m working on creating my own lipstick. I’m also working on a daily basis with dance routines and setting up dates for other shows. I am working on my first album and a lot of new music. I’m planning for some New York City press days in June as well.