Rapper Maserati Leaks New Audio Of Donald Sterling, Recalling ‘Hot Sex’ With V. Stiviano

Hey, look, just what we all needed: more Donald Sterling audio! (Not.) In five new recordings delivered to the Daily Mail, the L.A. Clippers continues on his “I Am Not A Racist” campaign in a conversation with Maserati (raises eyebrows) and goes more in-depth about the relationship with his former mistress V. Stiviano.

He echoes the same comments made in his Anderson Cooper interview, saying that he was “baited” into the situation. He talks having sex with her (TMI spoiler alert: “It took an hour but it was hot”) and “changing her and her family’s lives” with the amount of money he gifted her. Sterling also says that V. Stiviano woke up every morning, wanting to be white.

Sterling says he also refuses to pay the $2.5 million fine and forfeit his team, calling the NBA’s punishment “excessive.” He says he will only sell the team for $3 billion.

He changes his tune about Magic Johnson, saying that he respects him and “the fact that he’s black means nothing.” One unlikely (or shall we say expected?) target was President Obama. “I think that was such bad judgment on his part to make a flippant comment from Malaysia,” Sterling said of Obama. “He’s a good guy, and I like him, I just think everybody wants to get into the act, is that it?”