Rihanna Donates 25k to LAPD After Breaking The Commisoner’s Phone


It pays to have Rihanna damage your iPhone.

Last weekend at the LA Clippers vs OKC playoff game, Rih tried to snap a picture with LA Commission President Steve Soboroff to help promote the sales of their LA wristbands.

The bracelets are part of a fundraiser for underserved children in the LAPD Cadet program and for officers fallen in the line of duty. In an effort to multitask, the bad gal dropped his phone and cracked the screen.

“I told her that a photo with us wearing LAPD wristbands would bring a huge needed smile to the faces of our 10,000 men and women LAPD officers,” the commissioner said in a statement. “I handed her my iPhone [to take a selfie], as she knows how to do it. Trying to pose and show the wristbands was tough, and her hands were full anyways, so the phone fell on the floor.”

Being helpful once more the songstress Sharpied, “Sorry I [heart] LAPD, Rihanna” on the back of the device so it could be auctioned off on eBay. The commissioner was hoping to raise 10k from her signed phone, but ended up exceeding those amounts when she donated 25,000 of her own money to the foundation.

Where’s the Bajan beaut when we crack our phone?

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