Rihanna Mocks Fan Over Prom Dress Inspired By Singer

Rihanna may be (temporarily) banned from Instagram, but she’s still keeping plenty active on the Twittersphere. The singer is being accused of cyberbullying a fan who wore a prom dress inspired by Rih. The girl, Alexis Carter, who thought she had found the perfect ensemble for her school’s Hollywood-themed prom, instead became a target of the hashtag #PromBat and it wasn’t long before folks started making it meme fodder, including Rih herself.

The bad gal played along with tweeters, even giving timeline shine to those who came up with the wittiest jokes.

Carter spoke with Fox News Baltimore, saying she was embarrassed by the shade. “I was very offended. Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t.” She added, “She don’t love her fans like she says she does.” Safe to say, Carter won’t be attending her next dance as Rihanna.

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