‘Saturday Night Live’ Reveals What Really Went Down With Solange & Jay Z

Saturday Night Live kicked out their season finale with the real reason for why that Solange and Jay Z got into it on that elevator. Solo (Sasheer Zamata) and Hov (Jay Pharoah) sat down before the live studio audience to clear things up about what happened on that fateful Met Gala night – while bodyguard Julius (Kenan Thompson) was on hand, just in case.

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And while Beyonce was supposed to be off recording another “sexually aggressive music video about a monogamous relationship,” she (Maya Rudolph) made time to support her husband and sister during their first public appearance since the fight, fan blowing and song lyrics included.

Turns out Solange was just being a helpful sister-in-law and helping Hov out with his arachnophobia. How sweet.

Watch SNL’s spoof of the Carter-Knowles family drama in the video above.