Show Review: The Aftermath Of Hudson Mohawke’s Hurricane At Red Bull Festival


After a prolific month of Red Bull Music Festival events throughout NYC, Hudson Mohawke Live & Friends sold out a jaw-dropping show this week, creating a perfect culmination to the festivities. Held at Webster Hall, which itself gives off a storied, vintage vibe, partygoers anxiously clutched their tickets in hand ready to experience the Red Bull Music Academy alum, Rob Ross Birchard, aka HudMo.

Set to hype up the diverse crowd before was rapper Le1f, whose MC style and swagger could be likened to the lovechild of Beyonce and Busta Rhymes, but raised by Missy Elliott. Sporting a metallic, Bart Simpson holograph t-shirt and red pants festooned at the crotch with a smiley face, Le1f brought out badass break dancers while he also demonstrated some ass clapping/twerking/get low abilities. After his performance, which included raunchy lyrics, heavy bass and extra 808s, the crowd was primed to see Hudson Mohawke’s headlining set.

Unfortunately, we had to wait 45 minutes for the main man to finally appear. The room of angsty New Yorkers may have started a riot if not for HudMo’s eventual arrival and boss spectacle. Shrouded in blue spotlights and fog machine emissions, he kicked things off dramatically with big synth, creating a sound which could’ve served as an opener for “Blade Runner.” He then mixed it into a track featuring the angelic vocals of Bjork, and rinsed the transition out with banger after banger, firing them off like sonic semi-automatics.

An array of rappers, all of whom could no doubt ghostride the whip and spit at the same time, accompanied HudMo onstage. They performed some of arguably the hardest hitting rap of today, with boundless energy, tight flow and a few even crowd-surfed throughout his performance.

Once it was HudMo’s time to depart, the crowd demanded more, and although he gave them what they wanted, it just wasn’t enough. Safe to say HudMo massacred Webster Hall, and left many partygoers with severe emotional attachment who are now reeling with the aftermath.

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein / Red Bull Content Pool