Spah Day: Hot 97’s Miss Info and Laura Stylez Get Pampered


Spahh Day Miss Info and laura Stylez8

VIBE Vixen: Is This is Hot 97  a real reality show?

Laura Stylez: It’s not a reality show, it’s improv comedy so we’re making fun of reality shows to be honest with you. It’s like our version of The Office. This is Hot 97 is just like the inside world of what goes down behind the scenes, like in the kitchen and the hallways.

Miss Info: We’re doing unscripted comedy so we knew that that’s what was going to happen but it was a recreation of a real reaction to the idea of doing a TV show.  A lot of the story lines on the show are based in our own recollection with things that have happened. For example, with Mike Tyson calling Rosenberg gay, we’ve all gone through that same situation so we kind of pulled our memories together and it’s really something that we’ve experienced, even Angie, selling us candy every year. It’s something we dread.

So are your persona’s on the show your actual personas?

LS: I think we’re definitely more exaggerated version of ourselves. I am really like the rookie at Hot 97 because I’m the youngest one and I think I’m the last one to get hired. So even though I feel like I’m not a rookie because I’ve been doing this for x amount of years, I’ve only been at Hot 97 for three.

MI: I think that it might be a little exaggerated but we can all be really proud of the fact that we didn’t mislead our viewers about who we are, how we live and the way we interact with each other. We’re not faking it, so no one is playing a role. I’m not normally super obnoxious but I’m going to pretend that I am like this sweetheart on the show.  It’s ourselves but allowing us to be a little goofier.

Was it weird watching yourself on TV?

LS: You know what’s funny? Info refuses to watch any of her interviews. I watch myself a thousand times and say, “Man, I should’ve done this or I should’ve said this.”

MI: Even on the show I hate watching any of my own scenes. I’m overly critical.

So do you listen to yourself on the radio?

MI: Nope, not really. I mean I listen to stuff to make sure that it’s right and to kind of re-edit things, make something shorter or better but not because I just love the sound of my own voice, hell no.

LS: No.