Spah Day: Hot 97’s Miss Info and Laura Stylez Get Pampered


Spahh Day Miss Info and laura Stylez0

Laura, how does it feel when they get on you for being the rookie?

LS: I don’t care. We go through this all the time; we always pick on each other. They pick on me about being a rookie and I’ll pick on his [Rosenberg] hairline or his weight. But we’re always bagging on each other all the time but those are like my obnoxious big brothers, all three of them.

MI: You know what’s also funny too with Laura? Yes, she may be the rookie on the morning show but they depend on her like she’s their mom. She has to schedule everything and make sure everybody is doing their job and just kind of like take care of them and that’s not usually the dynamic that a rookie has.

Oh okay. Miss Info, are you going to be joining the morning show?

LS: Ha! I wish that could happen everyday with me. Rosenberg and Cypha are in LA, so whenever one of them is out I always run and call Miss Info and beg her to come on the show and just sit there.

MI: [Looks to Laura] And what do I say? I’m always like, “ughhh.” I only dread it because you wake up at 4 a.m. but when I get there there’s no way to be tired because there’s so much energy in the room and we’re laughing and we’re getting really, really deep into serious topics and debates, the hours just fly by. So I appreciate whenever they call me for that even though I don’t like waking up early.