Spah Day: Hot 97’s Miss Info and Laura Stylez Get Pampered


Spahh Day Miss Info and laura Stylez3

So with Summer Jam, how excited are you guys for this year?

LS: Dude, Summer Jam is going to be amazing! You know when we first announced our line-up we got a mixed reaction. Some people loved it some people were mad like, “No you’re missing this person. How are you not going to have X,Y, and Z?” Everyone has an opinion but people forget that Summer Jam is… the amount of surprises that are going to go down are ridiculous. I mean people that you would not expect. I’ve heard people talking and I can’t say anything but if what I hear is going to happen then it’s going [to be great]. Each year we try to outdo ourselves, and somehow, some way we always manage to put something amazing together.

MI: I always find it interesting that nowadays people are so intensely demanding of cameos and surprises. I remember going to T.I.’s concert at Highline [Ballroom] and all anybody cared about is whether Jay Z was going to come out or who they were going to bring out. Like yeah it would be great for Jay Z to come out and we’d all love that but he’s come out and supported T.I. many times before and by the way if you opened your eyes and weren’t just waiting for a guest to pop out you would notice he’s killing it right now. So I think the same thing with Summer Jam, we all want all of the surprise guests and we all want to speculate on who’s going to come out but it’s kind of bigger than the individuals who are booked for the show. It’s a huge event where people come dressed up in the craziest outfits, pre-game in the parking lot, and they go to the festival. They might hear somebody new that they really need to pay attention to who is going to blow up and be on the big stage the next year. It’s just a fun event that I don’t feel like anybody who actually attends ever says, “Oh, why didn’t they have so and so come out.” Nobody walks away like that.

Who are you most excited to see this year?

MI: I’m actually really excited about the festival stage. I think that it’s incredible that the festival stage is almost the alternative stage and I look forward to seeing what someone like Childish Gambino would do with the Summer Jam crowd.

LS: Also Jhene Aiko, Nipsey Hussle and Iggy Azelea. Iggy has such a huge fanbase and I just have never seen her live. At first I was a little skeptical of her music because I like her—I follow her on instagram and her style is awesome—but her music I wasn’t necessarily sold so I’m just curious to see what she is going to bring to that stage and how the fans are going to embrace her.