Spah Day: Hot 97’s Miss Info and Laura Stylez Get Pampered


Spahh Day Miss Info and laura Stylez 1

You ladies are the voice for women are radio, do you feel that you’re pioneers to women who want to be on radio because it still seems like it’s a more male dominated field?

MI: First things first, Angie is the voice of New York so we all kind of rent on her planet. I think what is great is that all over the planet there are really great women who are on the airwaves. I’m really proud to be an Asian-American on New York radio. I don’t think that I see a lot of my own fellow Asian-American women getting that chance, so I really appreciate that.

LS: I actually agree with that because I’m Guatemalan and so many people email me or tweet me about it. To be honest I don’t think there is any other Guatemalan woman and that means a lot to us.

MI: It also isn’t the only definition of either one of us so I think that on one hand you want to be proud of the fact that your Guatemalan or Korean woman and you’re on the radio, but we also hold ourselves to the same standard as all the men as well. So it’s not good enough to just be a dope Korean-American on the radio, you have to be dope on the radio.

LS: And all of us do have really amazing stories like Miss Info didn’t start from radio and she has so much knowledge, I learn from her all the time. You know what’s really cool about us is that as women we really hold each other down and Angie has no problem with pulling us to the side and saying, “You’re playing yourself, stop it.” We always want to empower ourselves and sometimes you don’t have that so personally I just think I’m looking to be in an amazing environment like Hot 97 where the women that are on there really hold things down.