Former Microsoft CEO Said To Have Bought L.A. Clippers For $2 Billion

Donald Sterling may be making his grand exit as ex-owner of the Los Angeles Clippers soon. According to CNN, the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reportedly copped the team for a record $2 billion.

Ballmer was one of many names who put their bids in for the team, including Oprah, Grant Hill, Magic Johnson, and (unofficially) Dr. Dre. Ballmer was said to have initially offered $1.8 billion for the Clippers.

Donald’s estranged wife and team co-owner, Shelly Sterling, negotiated the sale, which will have to be approved at a NBA Board of Governors meeting. It may also need to get the OK from Donald Sterling, according to his attorney.

News of the potential sale comes after recordings of Donald making racist remarks surfaced. In April, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ruled that Sterling would be banned for life from the league and would pay a $2.5 million fine, in addition to selling the team.

According to Forbes magazine, Ballmer is worth $20 billion.