Swizz Beatz Clears Up Infidelity Rumors


Swizz Beatz can now attest that liking too many pictures on Instagram will get you caught up.

The producer’s business social media behavior sparked infidelity rumors as his followers noticed his fondness for fitness guru Lita Lewis and her photo feed. When he urged her to, “check your dm,” gossip blogs began to concoct trouble in paradise with stories about Alicia Keys’ hubby, which he quickly shut down. The Harvard student posted the direct message he was referring to with the caption:

“It’s sad that I have to take away from my school work to clear this up. For all the blogs that are trying to make a issue out of me DM’ing a trainer FYI it was for my Wife!!!! Please keep that negativity to your negative self thx! I sure did not see you post about me getting a street after me or getting accepted to Harvard!!”

A potential scandal, we’re happy to shut down.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images