The Millionaire Matchmaker Confirms Kim and Kanye are the Perfect Match

If true love was a movie Patti Stanger would be the director. Star of Bravo’s hit reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker and a real life cupid, Patti has shot her arrow of approval at super couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. So why does Patti think Kimye is the perfect match? Three words “Best friends, fashion.” The matchmaker told E! News that Kim and Kanye’s friendship and love for fashion will keep their fire blazing for a long time.

“The glue is you’re best friends so the sex is still there and you’re still attracted to each other but you can still fart and burp and hang out with your best friend,” the brunette beauty explained. “The second thing is that they have fashion in common…the secret sauce is you must have one thing you like to do together or a cause or a mission. And both of them have them that they are on a fashion mission. Clearly, I mean did you see her at the up fronts?” said Stanger.

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