Trey Songz Has Zero Hard Feelings Towards August Alsina [Video]


“August is like a little brother to me.” In eight words, Trey Songz eloquently put those nagging August Alsina feud rumors to rest. Unless you’ve been on bed rest under a boulder for the past few months, you’d know that the beef world has had their eyes locked on two of R&B’s top contenders, hoping to catch them with their claws out.

Yes, Trey Songz is well aware of the snappy rebuttals that have come from his fellow crooner in interviews, but none of it has clouded his view of the Testimony singer. “We hada discrepancy and he didn’t know how to deal with that,” he said during an overseas interview. “He hasn’t been in a situation where he has to answer the same question a million times. That’s frustrating.”

Trigga went on to explain how much he still cares about August and how much he’s rooting for his success. “I want to see him do good,” he said. “I get nothing out of talking down on people.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram