Tropical Storm: Kygo’s North American Tour Almost Sold Out


The DJ and producer, known as Kygo has been brewing up a storm— a tropical storm, one could say. His North American tour has almost completely sold out and it hasn’t even started yet. Due to the overwhelming demand, he actually had to add a show in Pomona, California.

His newly released official remix of Coldplay’s “Midnight” only contributes to the young Norwegian’s seemingly overnight popularity. This super-sensual, breezy, original and easygoing remix exemplifies Kygo’s work. It cleanses the palate of the standard EDM one has come to expect for summer and upcoming festivals. It’s a breath of fresh air amidst over synthesized and over-the-top drops. That’s probably why it was premiered on the mighty Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1.

Listen to Kygo’s remix of Coldplay’s “Midnight”:

If you can’t grab tickets for the North American Tour, Kygo will also be playing at numerous festivals this summer. Check out his Facebook page for more dates and information.