Tyga Returns Fire After Lil’ Durk’s ‘Chi-Raq’ Diss


Welp, looks like we might have a little rap tussle on our hands folks!

After Lil’ Durk took a shot at Tyga on Meek Mill’s “Chi-Raq (Remix),” spitting “Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe,” the Young Money rapper has decided to return fire over the same beat:

“Know some Hoover niggas that’s down to ride for a homicide when it’s drama time/ Niggas thinkin’ that they MCs can’t get touched, well it’s hammer time/ Who the fuck is Lil’ Durk, I’ll dust you like ash and purp’/Yo’ flow wack, my flow crack, got marble floors, your floors crack…”

Tyga posted an Instagram with a snippet of his retort this afternoon (May 4):

We’re guessing a full version is coming sooner than later.