Unsigned and Underrated: ShesRYAN

shes ryan

ShesRYAN is a multi-talented singer/songwriter breaking into the artistry of music. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York as a stoop kid, Ryan was always an artistic and expressive individual, hungry to find her niche. Ryan has dabbled in many art forms including photography, modeling and music. Worried that she wouldn’t be taken seriously as an artist, ShesRYAN courageously entered a life of entertainment, landing a production deal with Hell Halo Music Group. Her journey has defined her character, showing that she is both driven and diligent. The tatted up misses embraces her individuality in all that she does.

SIR’s unique style and dope ink has led her to features on Urban Ink, INKED Magazine, The Source Magazine, MTV and more, but her grind never stops. The songstress performs at venues all over New York City to develop rapport in the music industry and continue building her following. ShesRYAN is a hard-worker and go-getter manifesting her dreams in real life. Vixen spoke with the artist about her challenges as an artist and her future goals.


 Photo Credit(s): Margot Harris