Unsigned and Underrated: ShesRYAN



Vixen: What’s the hardest part of being an upcoming artist?
ShesRYAN: I would say the hardest part of being an up and coming artist is that crucial “first impression”.  That one thing that either makes an audience love you, or a hater ‘hate’ you.  The one thing that will make a blog and or magazine do a feature on you, or push you to the pile of a thousand other submissions.  The hardest part of being an upcoming artist is simply having people BELIEVE in you.

Biggest misconception that people have of the music industry/artists?
I think there are a few misconceptions that people have about artists, or people in the music industry period.  But it’s very hard to pinpoint one.  I can only go off of my personal experience, which is how often people think a music artist can gain success, or “fame” to some in an extremely short amount of time.  All music artists have different goals in particular. Some want short lived fame, others want longevity, and to actually be able to change the world.  So all I have been experiencing as of lately is…..”why aren’t you rich and famous yet”.  It’s pretty hilarious.

What goals have you set for the next five years?
Of course, have that one break through hit album that reaches the top of the charts.  Go on world tours. Star in a major movie with a role that is the complete opposite of who I am regularly.  Be the founder of an organization specifically for women who have suffered from low self esteem, abuse, and who feel like they have no one there for them. (Only because in my younger years I’ve experienced and felt this way). And lastly, publish my book. I’ll write on my life, what I’ve experienced and learned, my journey with being a young philanthropist, and basically just believing in yourself.

When did you realize you wanted to become a music artist?
I knew I wanted to be a music artist when I was about 10. It was my mothers birthday and I wrote a full song for her called “The Birthday Song” (LOL) which had verses, a hook, and everything. I recorded it on an old recorder I found in the house, and it’s been history ever since. I later joined the school chorus and band, where I always performed solos, and played the clarinet because it was my favorite instrument.

What doubts did you have?
Once things started picking up about 2 years ago, I seriously doubted that people would take me seriously.  I was a photographer, turned model, turned singer.  It was hard for people to grasp and understand. Some people even said, “you just popped out of nowhere”.  Which is true. But what else are you supposed to do when you’re this serious about something….besides DO IT.  I pushed all my fears and doubts to the side, and started making music.  From there came shows, interviews, real supporters, and finally, real happiness.

Who are your biggest supporters?
My biggest supporters are my family. Including my little sisters who will call me up singing my songs. And fans that have followed my work from years ago.  They really believe in me and want to see me win. I get messages and emails from strong supporters every now and then, and it really motivates me to keep going.  It’s amazing.

Do you recall a time you wanted to quit?
I was in a really bad relationship not too long ago.  I quit my 9-5 to pursue my artistry full time, and I also wasn’t inspired or felt like I had anyone who believed in me. THAT point in my life, I definitely wanted to quit. When it rains, it pours, but I’m happy I got through it. It was all a test! And I’m more successful now than I’ve ever been.