Unsigned and Underrated: ShesRYAN


Something you learned from failing that made you stronger?
I used to think too much.  I used to expect and anticipate too much.  I also used to work towards everything, seeking specific results.  This is the best way to fail at anything. I used to go to castings, auditions, and huge meeting, expecting certain results. Ex: I auditioned for a movie role a few years back, got to the final audition after hundreds of people didn’t make it, and thought that the result of it all would be my “big break”.  Even with all the casting directors telling me I’ve made it…I was still rejected. At the very last minute, someone else got the role.  This was my eye opener. So now my motto is “work, move forward without seeking results, for whatever is supposed to happen, will happen.  Just plant your seeds and watch your whole world grow”.  It’s pretty amazing.

Describe your style?
I would describe my style as fearless. Not in a bold, gaudy kind of way, but more of me just wearing exactly what I want.  I cannot put myself in a category such as punk, or thrifty….but more like one day you will catch me draped out in all black with 9 in platforms, and the next day id be completely opposite. I’m just random and fearless.

What message do you want to give to the world with your music/style?
I want the world to know that it is OK TO JUST BE YOU.  Through my music, my style, my hair, makeup..just everything, I make it very clear that if you live your life based on the opinion of everyone around you, you’ll be unhappy, and unsuccessful. Once you learn to be happy with yourself, you attract the most genuine people, and find yourself in some of the best opportunities of your life.

Describe your journey in one word.