Usher Brings ‘Good Kisser” To ‘The Voice’


King Usher performed his new single, “Good Kisser,” for the first time on The Voice last night. He turned up Monday as he hit the stage with a gang of dancers to rock the spot.

VIBE recently talked to the song’s producer, Pop Wansel, about the formation of the song.

VIBE: So how much of the song was already done when he gave it to Usher? The verses were already there and everything?
Pop: It was pretty much done. You know but Usher came in and made it his own. He changed some things so it made more sense to him, like some of the lyrics. He kind of brought it all together as a whole song. It’s like I bought a plate of fucking fried chicken with greens and macaroni and cheese and potato salad, but I didn’t have a biscuit and dessert. He bought the fucking biscuit and dessert to it.