Vixen Chat: Actress Lindsey Morgan Talks Following Her Dreams and ‘The 100′



Climbing the success ladder is tough—especially in the entertainment business—and actress Lindsey Morgan is a true testament of that. The Texas-born-and-bred beauty had aspirations of being an actress, but fear often blocked her path. That is, until she decided to just go for it.

The journey of making her dream into a reality wasn’t an easy one. Lindsey had to endure her fair share of bad auditions, minor roles and hearing flat out “no.” But, like any tale of the underdog, Ms. Morgan finally found her way to the top. First, it was with an Emmy-nominated role on ABC’s General Hospital. Now she’s starring in the CW sci-fi drama, The 100.

Flip to see what else Lindsey had to say about her come-up story. —Martinique Swan

Photo Credit: Marc Cartwright