Vixen Chat: Actress Lindsey Morgan Talks Following Her Dreams and ‘The 100′




Vixen: How did you get into acting?

Lindsey: I’ve always liked acting since I was little. I kind of describe myself as a 50% introvert and 50% extrovert. I love acting, but I was always kind of scared of it. I was very shy and I had stage fright growing up. I feel like I’ve worked up my nerve my entire childhood, but when I went off to college, that’s when I finally decided to pursue acting. Out of everybody’s astonishment. Fast forward, I am in college doing plays and one day my professor told me I should pursue film. I still to this day don’t know if he was implying that I was an awful theater actress (laughs). I lived in Austin, Texas and they had a small film community going on there, so I decided to pursue it.

It was a rocky start. I had a really bad agent and went on a lot of bad auditions except for one as a series regular on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, which was filmed in Austin. I got very close to becoming a series regular on Friday Night Lights, so close it freaked me out. I didn’t get the role, but that gave me the confidence boost to think “Hey, I can do this.” I made the bold decision to drop out of school and moved to LA. I enrolled in classes in L.A. and kind of created my own little college, which included 20 hours of rehearsing. I was never a big fish in Texas, but in L.A. I was microscopic out of a million. It was hard at times, but I worked my ass off. I remember one of my first L.A. auditions Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls was there and I said to myself: “Oh God, I am moving back to Texas.”