Vixen Chat: Actress Lindsey Morgan Talks Following Her Dreams and ‘The 100′



Tell us about The 100.

The 100 is based on a post-apocalyptic America 97 years after a devastating nuclear war. The entire human race is knocked out because of these nuclear bombs and the only survivors were residents of the space stations that were orbiting the Earth at the beginning of the war. The space station itself is breaking down, vital supplies are scarce and residents don’t know if they should go through a painful death or just go back to Earth. The government decides to send 100 juvenile delinquents to test the waters and see if the earth is livable again. The show is basically about the 100 against this new world and the 100 against themselves because they have to work together to coexist in this new society.

Any crazy fan stories ?

I was on General Hospital at the time and I was in the gym locker room changing. All of a sudden this old Russian woman started yelling at me, ” Christina!”—my character’s name on General Hospital—she then proceeded to lecture me about my character. It was the weirdest encounter.