Vixen Chat: Kelela Talks Her D.C. Homecoming, New Music and Adjusting to Fame


Kelela chats with Vixen about being in D.C. and music.

You’re really buzzing right now and the anticipation is building for your debut album, congrats. But do you ever sit back and think about how do you want it all to play out?

Well, honestly the thing that would make me be like “ahhhh” has already happened. Monetarily, obviously,  I think all of us have dreams to be able to take care of our future grand-baby, grand-baby, grand-baby, but the real thing that makes me feel accomplished is that I tried something, I didn’t think I could do it, and I just did it any damn way and then, it started working out.  So, I’m just really elated. I think being grateful always keeps bringing more things.  So, I’m just sort of in that boat of not really wishing too much. The second that I wish for something or I’m like, “Damn, that would be so tight if we could just…” It happens. So, I don’t know. I feel really good.

Grammys, awards?

A Grammy would be great but if I never won a Grammy, I’d also be really gratified just by being able to connect with people because I think that’s primarily what it is. All the other things are just bi-products of having connected successfully, you know?