Vixen Chat: Taylour Paige On Her Surreal Life + ‘Hit The Floor’

Taylour Paige 4

VIBE Vixen: Were you surprised of the reaction from last season?

Taylour Paige: Yes, the love was unreal. Everyone was so accepting. Now people have created hashtags for Derek and Ahsha, Ahsha and German, Jelena and Terrence, it’s been so unreal to see how people have gravitated towards their favorites. It’s been really cool, my life has really changed. It’s cool because I’ll be somewhere out and people will be like, “Oh my gosh you better not get with that bad boy.” It’s so surreal.

Will fans love or hate you this season?

I think it’s a love/hate because some people find Ahsha really annoying, they’re like if she doesn’t get tougher skin, some people get annoyed because she doesn’t lash back but at the same time, I think they’ll be happy to see how she’s arching into someone stronger and a little bit more self-sufficient and firm. I’m excited to see if they hate this Ahsha or are riding with it.

Which scenes are the hardest to shoot?

It’s always harder when you have emotional screens because you have to think about something sad all day until that’s over and we’re like on a set with so much love and you go from like laughing and talking to having to think about something sad. The sex scenes are awkward and there are rules where it needs to look like you’re doing it but you can’t thrust, it’s hard to go there and your also limited as to what you can do because you don’t want it to be inappropriate to VH1. Also the dancing is unreal and our schedules are so crazy, we don’t really have much time to learn the dance or for all three the actresses to be together when we learn the dance. I had a few episodes where I learned the dance the day or two days before. It’s always hard because you’re exhausted on every level.

Out of all the characters, who will you have the biggest blow up with?

Ohhh I can’t tell you  [laughs]. I think everyone will be intrigued with how the relationships are unfolding.

Is it killing you to not say anything?

Oh my gosh, yes! It feels like I’m sitting on a porcupine.

Any celebrities you’d love to make a cameo?

Pharrell. Just him, if I could just hug the man. I mean last year I think there were talks of us having him when we had the sequence where we audition to be in a music video and I probably would’ve passed out. It’s a good thing he didn’t come. If we could have one, I’d pick him for sure.

Photo Credit: Instagram