Vixen Chat: Taylour Paige On Her Surreal Life + ‘Hit The Floor’


Taylour Paige

VV: How’s your relationship?

TP: My relationship’s wonderful, my boyfriend’s really supportive, we review lines together. He listens to me complain when my body hurts and he’s awesome. He’s a special one. I’m really happy.

Have you prepared him for the season?

Yeah, but he doesn’t know the sequence of things that are happening. He’s really honest when something’s good and when something’s bad which I really love. He’s prepared though. He was actually friends with Katherine Bailess beforehand so he watched the show. He’s aware of the role and sex on the show. Plus he knows all the guys now so it’s not a weird thing.

Compared to all the shows out there, what makes your show different from all of the other shows out there?

I think the dance dynamic is huge because we have a lot of professional dancers. On top of that we have a dynamic cast and I don’t feel like the show is specific to any demographic, I feel like there is something for everybody.  There is some stuff that is inappropriate for younger kids, but there is dancing, hope, mystery, drama and there’s tons of sex and relationships. There is such a dynamic plot with so many dynamic people. Nobody nor character is the same,  nobody looks the same. It’s very dynamic and diverse and that’s what sets this apart.

What was the first time you were fired?

I used to work at this store and I got fired when I actually booked the job on Glee because I had to go film Glee I was a dancer on Glee my manager was like, “Umm this isn’t gonna work so you can come get your last check this week. “I also got  fired from Burger Lounge  like a week after we got the pilot and I had to leave to go see the screening at MTV and my manager was like, this isn’t gonna work. You cant leave in the middle of the day. But I was like, “You don’t understand.” I was so, so, so broke and we were waiting to find out if we got picked up and I had just gotten out of college so I was like what am I gonna do? Like if this doesn’t get picked up, I’m screwed.

When was the first time you had a real Stan moment with someone?

I’ve had a few encounters. At a restaurant this women that  was like, “Oh my god, oh my god can we take a picture with you? My son said not to but I just had to. You my favorite Devils Girl!”

What’s the first time you heard something crazy about yourself?

I don’t know. I try not to read the stuff online because it’s so hurtful and stuff. There was somebody that said I was messing up my genetics by dating my boyfriend because he’s not black. It was an interesting thing to read. I had rumors about dating different people or whatever.

First time you bombed an interview or audition?

When I was like 16, I went into the head of Disney and I hadn’t taken acting class really at all and I didn’t know what I was doing and it was really embarrassing. Of course, you think Disney wants over the top and funny and I was just trying to be over the top and funny and it just wasn’t working and that was the worst. I was like, “Okay I’m never going to be an actress. This sucks.”

Photo Credit: Instagram