Vixen Vamp: Guest Blogger Kellee Stewart on Pregnancy Scares


Wesley Jonathan and Kellee Stewart
I’m a woman of a certain age, so it’s safe to say I’ve been around the block at least one time (that I’ll admit too), so I’m sure I share that fateful moment in every ill prepared grown woman’s life when you think, “Could I be pregnant?” Most have tackled it at one point or another, or at least someone who has.
Call it an oops, a hiccup, a one-time mistake…whatever, most of us have been there. My scary situation was with my college boyfriend, you know the one you made plans to marry until one of you was smart enough to know that this love affair wouldn’t see the light of day pass your campus! We hadn’t even seen all of our options yet. So when I found out I wasn’t with-child, I kindly said, “Let’s break up,” and I went out to see the world!
My character Kim on The Soul Man has a little different journey. Stamps (Wesley Jonathan) and Kim have just decided to move in together. Two grown ups under the same roof are having a good time doing ‘grown up’ things. But the fun is over and things get real when Kim finds out she’s pregnant. After taking a pregnancy test that reads positive, Kim tells her confidant and big sister Lolli (Niecy Nash) the “somewhat” good news. Somewhat? Well you see, Kim is a doctor so she thinks she has it all under control and even writes out her life plan to prove it. However, Lolli gives her a strong dose of reality when letting her know that her “years of schooling are no match for getting a child through puberty!” I guess book smart and life smart really are two different things. As women, we can’t have it all together all the time, but we can do our best with the hand we’ve been dealt. And just as Kim begins to discover this hard truth—she gets her period! That’s right, a false positive. Now it’s time to break the news to Stamps and see if their relationship can survive.
I’ve learned that all things happen for a reason, and sometimes we don’t even realize the reason for years to come. I’m glad my pregnancy scare was just that, a scare. As for Kim, I think she’s found the right man in Stamps, lets see if they can find the right time to not be scared.
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