Vixen Vent: Honorary Degrees Are Unfair


Honorary degrees are at an all time high this year and it’s starting to grind my gears. As a college graduate who suffered through long nights in the library, all-nighter cram sessions and finals weeks, I feel some type of way when a celebrity nabs themselves an “honorary degree” for Hollywood success. Am I jealous? Maybe. By giving away degrees like participatory pats on the back just proves that a college diploma doesn’t garner the honor and respect that these institutions claim they do.

It’s a genius marketing tactic, because it probably leads to big donation checks, but it’s certainly devaluing the worth of secondary education. It seems that becoming a platinum-selling rapper will get you a doctorate in music and selling out concerts will get you your own college course. And while there are many celebrities who’ve done their fair share of honorable charity work and have made positive societal changes, there are also simple socialites “earning” honorary diplomas.

It is being enforced, that successful celebrities can forgo an education and still receive the academic accolade. I guess dedicating your life to paparazzi pandering and helping distraught teenagers get through tough breakups is enough to warrant a tassel twirl. Too bad this is only a gateway for the rich and famous.

Unlike the average scholar, who had to acquire a PHD through extensive years of schooling, celebrities can simply smile and show up to a graduate commencement. What is a degree anyway? A piece of paper, four years of partying, and a lifetime of debt?


Photo Credit(s): Instgram