Vixen Vent: I’m Not Looking Forward to Nicki Minaj’s New Album


Nicki Minaj

I’m not going to lie—in 2007, I was all for my fellow Queens queen, Nicki Minaj. She’d stepped up to fill the void left by famed female MCs like Kim, Lauren, Missy, and Foxy, and that had me excited. Even throughout my college years, I bumped her mixtapes, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty, faithfully. She had a lot of promise.

But then the rest of the world noticed and something changed. My excitement began to fade. Ever since the release of her official debut album, she’s been delivering empty bars accented with a husky flow that feels like she is trying too hard. Her songs, lauded for lyricism, infest and clog up the radio waves. While her beats are definitely head nod-worthy, her content leaves me unfulfilled and wanting more. “Your Love” is a solid song, “Moment for Life” is genuine, “Fly” is a triumph, but ultimately, the wack outshines the wins. (I will admit, however, that she overshadows all her male counterparts on Kanye’s “Monster.)

With today’s release of the lukewarm “Pills N Potion,” it’s clearly time to prepare for the season of The Pink Print, her upcoming third studio effort, and I must say, I’m dreading the dominance that this album is bound to have. For one, her underwhelming singles incite too much fan frenzy. The lyrics are empty and just a little too raunchy and yet her meaningless mantras turn into contemporary catchphrases overnight. I’m ready to hear more than her claims of being a “bad bitch” (which she has said a million times), how she “sons” these other rappers (which I do not concur with), and her genitalia (eww).  How about some hype over Ab-Soul’s upcoming project from the TDE camp? Or Philly songstress Jazmine Sullivan’s return to game with her soon-to-be-released third project?

I’m not saying she’s completely talentless, but she should take her own advice and step her cookies up.