Vixen Vent: The Media Is Forcing Homosexuality On Us


Why does a gay football player suddenly become a hero for kissing his boyfriend? Since when did being gay become a publication? Recently, I’ve been annoyed with the media attention of gay public figures and athletes. I feel like the media is exploiting homosexuals and forcing gayness down our throats. Whether you choose to like a man or a woman is nobody’s business. Today marks an era where sexuality is exalted for the world to see.

I am a firm believer in freedom of expression and equality for all mankind; but I do not condone ESPN’s media attempt to make a story out of same-sex PDA. To go that far to make a statement isn’t righteous or justifiable; it’s offensive and demeaning. My issue is that we’re focusing on the wrong things just to get a rise out of people. Usually after a football player is drafted, the sports stations highlight the players’ statistics, but after this particular draft call, it was more important for the world to know that Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend. And of course, the footage went viral. The kiss has nothing to do with football, yet it made headlines of major sports sites across the web.

The continual push of homosexuality on the public isn’t going to make people more accepting of it. Homosexuality is not an epidemic nor is it a disease; it is a personal choice and it’s unnecessary for the media to make gay celebrities and athletes a poster people for human rights issues. People will always have their own opinions, which is why sexism, racism and discrimination still permeate the populace. If homosexuality were truly accepted headlines would have simply read: “Michael Sam Gets Drafted to St. Louis Rams.”


Photo Credit(s): ESPN