Vixen Vices: Globe -Trotter Safari Collection Trunk Suitcase


Memorial Day is the first unofficial summer holiday, kicking off thousands of travel plans and much needed vacations. Whether you’re planning to road trip this summer or fly all over the world every vixen needs a good set of luggage. Our vice this week is the Globe-Trotter Safari trunk suitcase. This gorgeous piece not only oozes style and luxury, it is pure quality and class. The Globe-Trotter brand has been an icon in the travel industry since the 1920s and the Safari collection pays homage to the classic suit cases made by the company during that time. The spacious interior and fine leather exterior make for elite traveling. So how much will this stunner cost you? The Globe-Trotter trunk suitcase starts at $1,758.

Flip through to see more photos of the Safari collection and let us know if you’ll be traveling with this beauty.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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