Watch: Artist Shepard Fairey Toasts To ‘The Revolution’ With New Hennessy Collaboration

Over the past few years, Hennessy has consistently given some of our finest visual artists a platform in the spirits space. Their collaborations with legendary minds such as KAWS and Futura have produced a new cultural awareness (not to forget some pretty cool remixes on the Henny bottle label). Their latest enlistment is a superhero to the art world, Shepard Fairey. The activist and visionary behind the OBEY branded movement (some say the reason Obama was elected) was a no brainer for the cognac company’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign. Fairey has navigated through gang territories, police arrests and governmental hate to first build a name on the streets of Los Angeles and then worldwide. This explains why his signature cocktail has been fittingly titled “The Revolution.” VIBE received the opportunity to visit the city of angels and rap with Shepard on his latest collab. He proclaims that Hennessy’s “sophistication and quality” is inarguable and pristinely explains why the symbiotic union between commercial and art is the new “incubator for the culture.” Of course, this conversation took place over several servings of The Revolution. Cheers.