Watch: August Alsina Flips On Audience Members After Losing His Hat


If it wasn’t clear already, it may not be a good idea to mess with August Alsina. During his performance last night (May 30) at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, AR, the 21-year old singer confronted a group of fans after his hat (which was apparently given to him by his late brother) was taken during a crowd surf. Instructing the music to be stopped, August told the crowd that until his hat was returned, no one would leave the venue. “Who got the hat?! On some G sh-t! Don’t play with me like that, my n-gga,” he said. “I came out here to f-ck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this b-tch until I get it back, Straight up! Where it’s at? Or we gon cause a muthaf-ckin riot in this bitch. Where it’s at?” In video footage obtained by an audience member, it seems as though ruckus ensues in the crowd as the singer tried to reclaim his property. He eventually announced that he would not be continuing the show. “Aye, I’m sorry man, but the muthaf-ckin show is over,” he said. Following the fiasco, August took to Twitter with the following post:

Watch footage of August Alsina going off in the video above.